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Ordinary wastewater ( manure ) - a problem Farms with large numbers of animals are facing big problems due to large amount of sewage . This applies particularly in farm with high number of animals per unit area . Existing legal requirements exacerbate the situation . For this reason , the lysate (manure ) must be adequately addressed . Conventional sewage treatment systems is time consuming and work intensive and require huge investments . The separator BAUER converts sludge into valuable fertilizer The full automatic separation ( this means separating the liquid sewage and solid piece ) offers great advantages . The liquid effluent remaining can be distributed any time without any complicated homogenizing technique. The odorless part is easy to store without any problems High economic efficiency. Separation sol is the ideal solution for farms with large populations of animals and small distribution areas . Reduces the need for storage to 30 % . Through specific use nutrients in liquid and solid pieces , inorganic fertilizers can be saved . Extra income is possible by selling solid for example gardeners or manure based on horticultural farms . Other applications : Slaughterhouses Brewery Food processing Biogas Paper recycling - plastics.   Photos
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