Telescopic Barriers 4 Bars
Main part with tube diameter 60 mm Curved section extendable and beam tube diameter 49 mm, Adjustable with rods that fit into 22mm diameter hole. Lifting with subversion and mobility right - left. 2 locking mechanisms valves reinforced with rod diameter of 40 mm which has edges and controls with holes. Easy and quick opening , with access to the front , housing in apartments and hallways 4 horizontal tubular columns diameter 60 mm. Bracket 1 m 15 Distance from the ground 1 m 68 Liftable from 0 m 21 ( 1 m 89 ) Distance between columns 0 m 30 Φωτογραφίες Doors EX4 They have the same characteristics as the doors. Open in both directions with locking system links the two ends. Suggested placing them in separate sections at points where there is human passage.
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