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ADVANTAGES Comfort: incomparable softness layer thanks to the adequate distribution of rubber mounts underneath. Excellent strength and duration: maximum support with numerous rubber props to locations with the most severe pressure (to reduce fine ) . 100 % natural rubber : dimensional stability Optimum hygiene: 100 % natural rubber : gradient incorporated in the rear portion of the layer to evacuate fluids . Simple installation : the layers snap and seal tightly with the side seams . Forged , non-slip top surface: animals do not slip and can stand up more easily, which reduces injuries to their legs . reassures and calms cows and helps increase production . Easier maintenance. Resistant to cleaning products. Economical: reduces maintenance costs , consumption of straw , sawdust, shavings , and cleaning time . 10 year warranty. Maintenance: Cleaning with pressure. Composition: 100 % natural rubber . Color : black. RUBBER FLOORING 100 % rubber floors and broken with the system fit exactly . Excellent addition to the use of layers in the free stall , which promotes a sense of safety and animal welfare. For healthy hooves , prevents slipping in wet areas and reduces stress cows. It is also the ideal solution to prevent deterioration floor . COW MATTRESS - Granulated RUBBER / RESIN AND RUBBER TOP COVER Reliable value : Mattress Louisiane, best comfort : Flexible and comfortable increase the animal safely , not hurt the other joints and knees ( non abrasive ) . That contributes to the longevity of your herd. Excellent insulation. It is non-slip. Flexibility to adapt the weights of your animals . Distributed ten years , has been recognized by all farmers in France and abroad . turns durable (tests of components in laboratory) . The surface is cleaned easily , quickly and effectively with pressure. The proposed dimensions are free , according to your needs . Layer Louisiane offers security for your animals and security for good investment breeders. FOAM MATTRESS IN ORDER AND TRIM RUBBER Mulch your animals OBJECTIVE : MAXIMUM COMFORT. The layer Elista: A medullary layer while coating with a flexibility that protects bulges and knees of your animals. ( no smoothing ). By insulating quality high elasticity . Higher investment is tight and easy to clean for better hygiene. Dimensions of the mattress to the length you want. Rubber non-slip flooring for areas almektiriou and movement of animals 10 year written warranty Photos
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