Cleaning Brushes
Our device was designed to be used in the area of dairy - cattle sheds. It is an established fact that the use of such a device increases prosperity , and good health of cows and , as a result, the quantity of milk produced increases. Over conventional rigid grooming devices , the rotating brushes of our device operated by the animals themselves . If the device is pushed over the cows , the brushes rotate . When the cattle move off automatically after a few seconds . The brush oscillates , and opens extremely well adapted to the different heights of the animals increases milk yield removes parasites optimal cleaning cleans not only the widths of the cows , and also the sides best - brushing massage high quality and high technology both brushes are moved up and down suitable for indoor and outdoor installation Schurr 2-brush-system: Advantages that count ! Operates automatically when pushing cows . There is no problem in installation or wall support. Change the direction of rotation when overload occurs . adjusts according to the size of the animal until approx 25cm . Brushes follow the contours of the body. Always the same angle (100 °). Special bristles are not altered by use, permanent. Fully machine protected against water and dust . Low running costs Photos Βίντεο
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